Sunday, July 3, 2011

things that freak me out

Biggest mistake you should never do:

Well this is not my first blog  and this may be not my last blog..well i can promise u one thing  that i started again blogging  and now i am damn sure that i am gonna provide my own content to the netizens and internet freaks
I have been very frustrated earlier by blogging..really i’m damned..
Did u know that i myself closed my adsense account.. What a stupid i am.?
Nw that’s it..i will never make any mistake..i was very angry as my blog did nt get any response..well later on i came to know that it was my mistake ..yes i am stupid…

I copied content from many blogs and pasted in my blog..and relaxed bcoz the content is damn good and  i am watching  my stats as i think many searchers all around the world will come and search my site………
Well  it’s just a waste of time.., i totally concentrated on blogging by copying and pasting…and enabled my adsense account to earn money…….
Can u guess what happened…?
Nothing happened’s kind a waste of time..
Well that’s it from now on my side..and  i will provide u necessary information on this blog..
things that freak me outBye ..readers……….

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