Wednesday, November 13, 2013

make bitcoins on autopilot with free bitcoin faucets

Make bitcoins on autopilot with these free bitcoin faucets, faucet gives you free bitcoins which u can earn them on autopilot, just a small work and set it autopilot gives u free bitcoins
first what is bitcoins:
i can't tell you the whole story, but bitcoins is a virtual currency which is now the highest currency in the market':
1btc is around 353.2$ now, actually the value fluctuates, but the bitcoins price are increasing rapidly!
it's around $370+ now, yesterday it was 350$ now increased! in some days it might reach to 400$+ but our question is how can we earn bitcoins!
guys first get to know more about bitcoins! visit here
Now before getting started to earn bitcoins on autopilot, we need a wallet or you can say like a paypal account where these bitcoins can be stored, so i prefer use blockchain wallet, which is most secure wallet and i am using it!
just fill the details correctly and do the backups of your identity,btc address and so on' just read the details carefully you will get to know all! got any doubt in signing up just comment' and i will help asap!
now we got the wallet! now need some faucet sites to earn free btc!
i want to give you best 2 sites of my collection so you can understand them! so once you get to know you can try ptc,coinad,coinurl,rolling dice games and so on! i will give you each and every method in detail
so here you go:
1.first i want to suggest which is a free bitcoin faucet site' where u can earn btc for evey hour just rolling!

credit: Rahul punjani
1. click here to signup for freebitcoins
2. just update your account details and fill your btc address there
3.see the above image and click on auto withdraw! so you will get paid when you reach minimum payout
4.just click on roll and it will indicate a number, the number will be in between the above numbers range and you will be rewarded based on that! usually you will get the first one! sorry for that' you need some luck for this! 
5. It will show a timer and after an hour you can again click on roll again! there is an option called mutliply your btc' try it' if u are lucky u can win the jackpot!
here is the script download it and make btc autopilot with multiply btc game
i got paid yesterday see the proof :

so what you guys are waiting signup now for freebitcoins!
2.another good way to earn on autosurf is Land of bitcoin faucet
when compared to freebitcoin site, landofbitcoin faucet is so simple, u can earn every second! not to wait for an hour! so here you go, follow the steps:-
a. click here to signup for landofbicoin faucet
b.just signup and fill your account details and give a email id and ur btc address and save it' go to home page' it might have show increase in btc automatically, check the image below'

see the balance is increasing automatically! just open the site in your tab and continue ur work in another tab it will automatically do the work'
also try the options in the red rectangle' they are all bonuses' and you will get paid in btc'
note: after 15-20minutes you need to click on open faucet' so it will run again and start increasing in btc'

i know they are quite low in earnings' but try the bonuses you will get more intel on how actually all try to earn free btc' i will post more stuff regarding earning btc' actually i have some bots for earning them'
just one idea' get a cheap rdp, open this site' install mouse recorder' and set it 20minutes' and make it click on open faucet' because mostly u don't need to enter captcha' it worked for me! not sure if it works for u too' i stopped trying it'!
so guys next post will be on gambling sites and some ptc sites for btc' and also my favourite btc bot! 
stay tuned and have any doubts or problem' just contact me' here!

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