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Make Money On autopilot just by running softwares/bots/apps/The top 4 bots

The Top 4 bots/softwares/apps to make money on autopilot just by running these softwares, earlier i discussed a detailed info regarding Two top bots/softwares/apps for making money online here is the post link if you missed it!
In a glimpse, here are the Top 4 bots/softwares/apps to make money on autopilot for pc:

1. Digital Generation aka Coin Generation
2.Idle Processor Utilization Services and Coin Beez
3.Slicify * (beta)
4. Eobot

I suppose there are lot more bots/apps that might generate btc/$ when you run them in your pc, but these are the basic top 4 softwares/bots that you can give a try for testing! Next go for a big strategy and make some decent income

A detailed info on all the top 4 bots for making money on autopilot: 

1. Digital Generation:

  • Just register on Digital generation, here you go signup now, and you need to verify your account! 
  • so you need a phone number that will suit to your locality/country! 
  • Earlier it used to send sms code where you need to forward to a number, but it changed it's security due to reduce fake/multiple users
  • so now you need to call the respective number shown in your account profile! 
  • Next it will show your account is verified! voila, next download the thread manager, here you go:
After downloading the thread manager, install it, and run it, the software might look like this:

This is how the software looks like, make sure to check each and every tab to get info regarding it!
this site is paying since 2012, so it is still paying to some one! you can check the latest proofs here
so why late: join now

2.Idle Processor Utilization Services and Coin Beez :

Idle processor utilization, the name itself indicates as it utilises the power when your pc is in idle state!

Just go to signup form and fill the details to register, after verifying your account/activating your account, log in to your account, and check all the details then download the bot/software, even for downloading it asks for login again, so better login again when it asks!
coin beez is also similar service like IPU services, you can try them too, but IPU services is far better than coin beez as it is the first to start service like this than coin beez! so go for IPU services!

Now only windows app and android app are available, so make sure to use the same login for all the devices,

Next step here is the image showing the working of Idle processor utilization services bot!

I gave details and all the information regarding IPU services in my earlier post, and I explained what's the major difference between coin generation aka digital generation and IPU services, you can get the full details here: 

3.Slicify- crowd sourced compute:

Slicify a cloud computing site, where we can rent/sell our cpu power, not the idle power like IPU services, real time CPU processing Power! there is no need to introduce like these services, because these are well known to people who run btc bots! so better have a quick review on btc by following this post!
  • Now just go to signup and register a new account!
  • Activate the account/ validate your account, check the spam too!
  • Download the windows based software, it runs on windows using Oracle virtual box! size is some what bulky more than 150MB, so make sure you have good downloading speed
Here is the install instructions, take a look at this post, and make sure you read and understand all, and here is the image what silicify actually looks like:
Note: Installing Oracle virtual machine box is must, it installs several adapters, and all must be enabled, with out this, silicify bot will never open nor work

4. Eobot

Eobot is another site which mines btc/ltc and exchange of coins are possible! even cloud mining is also possible! The all round site for all mining! will give in depth analysis of eobot in my next post! first let's get singup!
click on register and signup with your email id!
go to mail and you can see download link or try this!
Next try to extract it to a known location, for me it's make money now folder! go to that folder and run the bot, some antivirus shows it's a virus, but it's not, as it is a btc miner, antivirus shows like this! you can neglect and proceed to run the bot!
It will look like this!
Make sure to check each and every tab in your Eobot's account to get more information:
In my coming posts, I will give you some more interesting bots, apps and softwares! so stay tuned and follow my blog and subscribe to get daily updates!

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