Tuesday, July 5, 2011

how to create a perfect blog part-1

Biggest mistake that you should  not do:

Its nothing….it is copying and pasting one content ftom another content.
Its very bad..why because u send website to google  that is addurl
It send google bot to crawl ur website and ir crawl’s all the web pages…..
It check’s whether is there any content matching with any site…and below the images indexed by google and bing upto now,,
The size of the World Wide Web (The Internet) 2014
updated on july 2014

this is the indexed webpages from last three months..
now here is only google 
updated on july 2014

see more than 48 billion web pages......and one of the webpage is mine which you are reading..
so whats my intention to show is ,see daily many of us think that well why dont we make a website to earn money,and if any one ask about content ,we simply say we'll do what others about it..?
the answer is just a nonsense of shit....u cant get google page rank
here is  latest google's page rank:::

great you read a lot now..what you have learnt is never

any website

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