Saturday, August 13, 2011

create a website like professional

It cannot be answered in single line so pour all your concentration on my post at least for 5 minutes……
Well firstly you need to have some sort of knowledge on website, domain  keywords, google  page rank, traffic  etc
So firstly I will cover this topics..

Let  start  with website…website is nothing but a portal which allows you to interact with INTERNET. Well do u know that in the internet there are more than millions of websites with billions of webpages..
To read more about them read my below post…that’s abt website its not much important..
Let me tell me about  choosing a perfect website..see in my blog I am placing all the world’s best stuff
Coz I am interested in doing u may also interested in many things like photography, video collection, pc tips, pc tricks, gprs tricks, pc software collection, games collection etc
Its your choice but make sure that it is our own content I mean it belongs to your own…coz while indexing  your pages google bots will search that if ur content can be available in any of website..and google will only accept true and unique content..
Read about how to make true content and unique content in my first post…click here..
That’s about content management…
Well if u are really a newbie or beginner and doesn’t know how to create a website…
Well this things are for you..
è Make sure you have a google account ..if not try to make one..and MAKE  a gmail account,
è Next Make sure YOU KNOW SOME THING about blogger..or try\and sign in with your gmail acnt login details
è Well I think you have created a blogger…and create  a blog..why wait…>>>>????
è Make sure that the name of the blog is appropriate with the content
àhmm u got it what I what try writing the content,..
Is it that much simple..hmmm naa,,it’s not..
ànow what..?
Wait for my next post for making money of outwith sites!

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