Thursday, November 21, 2013 autopilot method with bot-download

Download bot and make btc on autopilot, it is just an addition to my post autopilot method with javascript-multiply your btc now, there with javascript you can actually improve your earnings slowly and i gave a script's download link directly, so all my visitors can enjoy', now this bot is just an addition for the script, as in my first post about freebitcoin faucets there i explained full procedure regarding how to register on and how to roll to get btc' and how to play multiply btc'
you need to run landofbitcoins in one tab and in one tab, and run the multiply btc script', it will work' with out any problem' but those who want a lite version of bot they can use this bot' which will come in handy in many ways' because every time the multiply btc script may not work and some times you need to stop playing that as you might get loss and some other problems,so for those people this bot will come in handy, 
Nothing so special about this bot', just it need yout btc address and password for login' next click on get captcha and you need to enter captcha like you do in the site, and click roll!
Just like browser but comes in handy, if you are not interested to open site in a tab!
Make sure you read our alternative to make btc, read about Make Btc on autopilot from easily
here is the screenshot of bot: (download link at the end)
Just you need to run it as admin if you are using windows 7 and make sure you have .net 3.5+ so you don't get error!
This will not make you more btc as like my previous post's javascript, just an additional bot which is lite version and will only give you flexibility in making autopilot in typing captcha!
so here is my recent proof of payment!

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