Saturday, November 16, 2013 autopilot method with javascript-multiply your btc now (updated-April-2014) autopliot method here, use this javascript to multiply your btc now, my previous post was about how to make  bitcoins on autopilot with read that if you missed and get some info regarding:
before that' now 1btc=440$ around!

A serious update on April 2014 as my old script not working for some members

what is a bitcoin?
what is a wallet for storing bitcoin?
what is blockchain digital wallet?
how to signup for blockchain?
how to register for faucets?
If you read my previous post you can get clear information regarding all these stuff', now i already posted about landofbitcoins and btc faucets,now posting an alternating method to get more btc using the game multiply btc in
so how to make more btc on autopilot with that multiply btc game?
first register on site if you missed it, still here is a small procedure on how to get some freebtc from!
1. register on, click here'

2.just fill the captcha for every hour and click roll'

here is the  image which will be the lottery or dice what ever u call' based on roll value you will get the btc value' u have to wait for every hour and fill the captcha' but in the mean time' there is a tab or option with multiply btc
u need to enter bet value' and select payout value' and some regular lottery stuff' sometimes u might win and some times' not' based on your bet value' and range' whether it is a high value or not', but it's purely luck' that is you are not doing any work' just clicking the BET HI or BET LO ' and clicking every time'
so by using script (basically a .js) you can make it autopilot' and make some btc' on autopilot'
so it will be used on google chrome or mozilla firefox! here is the image what it looks like when working!

The script has an auto adjustment on choosing bet value and payout value' and which one to select whether bet hi or bet lo' and it's purely a script so majorily 60% reliable'!
now here you go download the script from the below link!
The other full procedure' is inside the text file' with script included' and how to set the range and so on' please read it carefully' try at your own risk'
i choose value randomly from 50-100 not more than that' because system will detect it and may be will lead to huge loss'! so be careful and select the range!
enjoy the flow of btc!
deleted the old survey links, so it's better to use the last download link!
serious update: due to demand!(jan-2014)
What precautions you need to take while using this script!
First u need atleast some min btc, like around 0.00004-0.0001 btc, so you won't face any loss of 0 btc, like most of you guys are facing, but please don't think to over earn btc by running all day! be smart, don't get greed!
I updated the script, so here you go download the updated script + bonus script inside! just follow the procedure inside the - 2 KB is banning accounts, those who over uses the script! so take care of that, it's your sole responsibility in using the script!

Serious update (March-2014)

check out this proof!

Serious Update (April-2014)

My old scripts are not working to some members and i guess for most of them, sorry guys i didn't replied to your comments as i was busy with studies:
Got a new script for autopilot method:
It will definitely work and it is also purely based on martingale system, just you go through the script and change the values of the bet and some other accordingly or just leave them as default!
if you lose 31 times in a row, script stop work and a popup will come saying whether you can take risk or cancel it!
Simple script, but u need to use it very careful this time, as has already deleted many accounts which uses script and it made restrictions in using our script, as it went viral!
we still providing free download link for our users! (Not at all a survey link)
Just download this new script (, just do some modifications or just leave it default and read the above post again on how to use this in chrome!
If this script is not working to you, do comment it or mail us!
Make sure you read our alternative to make btc easily on autopilot , read about Make Btc on autopilot from easily


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