Thursday, February 20, 2014 autopilot method with javascript-bonus strategy-make btc by autobet autopliot method here, use this javascript to autobet and multiply your btc in seconds the clear martingale strategy for primedice,com is given ,before that please read  my previous post autopilot method with javascript-multiply your btc now (updated-jan-25th) incase if you want to earn btc on autopilot with javascript, here in this post i will give more than 1 strategy to earn free btc from
click on the image to grow bigger credits:
Before going to any strategy simply register on the site and simply click on free btc button, follow the adjacent image, and fill the captcha and you will get around 100 satoshis earlier we used to 1000 satoshis, but still you can give a start with these free btc
( Remember in order to avoid any loss i always try the free btc and always try all the methods in blog without investing, once i get profits, i re-invest the same and multiply the same!)
 Once you get the btc you can follow the given strategies! make sure you copy the user id and password as they are hard to remember, use the first button from the adjacent image
so let's begin the strategies, and yes there is a bot to automate the whole process and this bot is not like the bot where the bot is nothing but just filling the captcha but not running the script, but this bot is more than that! it has inbuilt martingale system which auto adjusts the profit, betting and loss! but this will be shared in my next post! let's continue the strategies!

Strategy 1:

straightly go and use this javascript and quadruple your btc
download the prime-dice-script-updated.txt first! 
  • After that copy the whole script and click ctrl+shift+J and open console in your chrome browser!
  • paste the total script and click Enter
  • Make sure you stop the script if you get profit and if you get decrease in btc for 3 times stop the script by pressing F5 or reload your browser!
  • For testing purpose, use the script once, you can see rise in Btc and after some consecutive bets your btc will become 0, for this you need to clearly adjust the bet value, check the image1(top image) and this for only advance users!
  • For beginners just make sure, to keep a finger on F5 and press whenever you get Profit for once, because the profit is always accompanied with loss by this script, so make sure when you get profit click on F5 or reload
  • If you don't get profit at the starting of script wait upto 3 losses then reload the browser again! you can see the increase of btc, i tried with 100, and if you see the image it's 382 with just 4 reloads in 1 minute! so Make the script a good use!
Strategy 2:
Make sure you follow the video carefully!
Strategy 3:
If you see the above video what matters is betting value, so use different combinations of betting values and what to do if it's a loss and what to do if it's a profit, so use some basic probability techniques and try it!
Note: you can try this strategies by making different accounts, make sure you keep one permanently for the strategy1
another combo of auto bet video, watch it!
My upcoming posts:
1. autobet martingale bot
2. Satoshi dice gambling script to make btc
3. Some good free btc faucets ( good list of more than 10+)
4. Virtapay $ to BTC and so on! 
so stay tuned, and if you have any doubt kindly comment here or contact us!

A small image for coming attractions:

wait for it!

Note: Try these strategies at your own risk and we are not responsible for the loss of your btc!

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