Thursday, May 30, 2013

Make Money on Auto pilot with ProBux with Probut v 1.3 (download link fixed July 2014)

Make Money now on Auto pilot with Probux ptc site with a bot named Probut v 1.3, this is a great share and is exclusive for my bestinallstuff readers, how are you guys, such a long time right! any how i am back with some good and quality stuff that will definitely useful for you guys!

here is payment proof with this method! see here in my new post and here is my specially written eBook on how to make money on autopilot with probux, check it out here
so Let's get started what actually my post represents here.
follow the below procedure to Make Money on Auto pilot with ProBux with Probut v 1.3-bot, here you go:      


step1: first register  here and give proper information or details about yourself ,because you get money from this ptc site, so better give original information
step2: you need payza or paypal account to withdraw the money, so better make an account on
                             - click here to register
                             - click here to register

step 3: activate your account, check spam folder too some times shit happens and mail may be sent to spam, so better check the spam for activation link

step4: now log in to your account, it looks like this, i think if you guys know about this then there is no need to this step 4, just download the bot below and enjoy,

step 5: just check the My account tab you will see your referral link , make your friends to register under your referral and give this bot to them, so you both can earn money

step6: for the first time to get experience on like this ptc sites, just for a while click on view ads and check for your self, check that progrid also it will give you 20 chances, just go there you will know about this

step 7: Important one to get more money , for every completion of tasks you will get 1-4 cents, more tasks will be available based on your location/country.
step 8: Gained experience right! now to make this auto pilot , just download the bot and make money!

download link fixed' (July 2014)


any doubts feel free to comment here!! 
A bonus text file inside gives my secret tip to earn more !! read  it and follow it

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