Monday, August 5, 2013

make money just unlocking your screen-locket app for android & iphone

make money by just unlocking your sceen by using locket app(download link below), now all android and iphone lovers can make easy money just by installing this software; so what actually this software do?
here is the screenshot representing the locket app:


1.Andriod or Ios phone
2.must have good net in his phone
3.must have a valid paypal account

cool right! but basically this locket app is for U.S , but as it pays through paypal, so all people can enjoy this software; so how to signup?

here you go a detailed procedure!

1.first go to the locket app site, click here on signup with locket and fill the details carefully! comes the main thing; u can fill all the portions except the zip code; zip code must be of U.S
so go to the given link and find a zip code or try to google it 
eg: texas zip code: 8602 can use the any 5 digit u.s zip code; and later it opens playstore; install the application;
if it failed to install; i have a backup file for you, so just download the application and install it.
5. after installation just login with your details and start making money!
so here is the download link for the application-locket-application (MEDIAFIRE direct download link)
note: download this backup file is recommended if  you are outside from U.S
here is my friends earnings using this locket app; just  started few days back!
for referring your friend you will get 1$, so just make your friend to follow this procedure; and earn money
if you have any problem in signing up or some other installation problem; kindly comment here

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  1. hi..

    i am right now in india which zip code i use for this application registration and i am getting money in this app from india or not ??


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