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Make money on autopilot with your Android/Ios/windows-pc-all about IPUS

Make money on autopilot with your Android/Ios/windows/linux/Mac just by installing and running the software on background, yes it's as easy, no need to work on this! it is just like coin generation which was paying earlier now down!
I think you know the service which i was talking about! it's IPUS-idle processor utilization service
Basically it makes use of your processor power when your computer is in idle condition, the whole scheme is simple, just register on the site, download the application, install it, log in and then leave it to run on background, that's it ,

click here to signup

 but we should see the main difference between Coin generation and IPUS, coin generation pays every 2 seconds as it utilizes your cpu power whether you are using or in idle condition, but IPUS pays only when your system is in idle condition, so you should need a strategy to work on it!
Just a recap about the people who earned maximum amount with coingeneration:
In the mean while i updated my new post with full data regarding top 4 bots to run in pc to make money!

Make Money On autopilot just by running softwares/bots/apps/The top 4 bots

Coin generation strategy:

1.just use a fake email id and fake phone number and make as many accounts as possible using 1 referral link as you can get maximum earnings! how to run all, just buy a azure vps and make as many vps as possible with single account, install it' and add your details!
3. you can also do the same in single pc with sandbox, just run the software and change the hash token!
like that many more strategies are there which people used and got maximum earnings from coin generation
But Now coingeneration aka digital generation is not paying (paying to only a few) but leave it! it's of no use and many one claims that it loads keyloggers to pc's etc!

Difference of Coingeneration with IPUS:

1.Ipus doesn't pay you every second like the CG pays as IPUS doesn't use your cpu power, but uses it only when you let the pc in idle condition
2. It's far better than coin generation as you don't need to verify your mobile number!
some common things in both coin generation and IPUS are you need to use a single ip!
Now i am going to give my complete review on IPUS and my ways how to get maximum earnings from IPUS as i have been writing this for more than 2 days now, (busy with exams)
what ever! here you go in short!

IPUS strategy:

Basically idea is simple, get as many referrals as you can to get maximum earnings! if you got some money just buy a regional account(worth 75$) or buy a divisional account (worth 150$) and add up some money and buy some referrals (worth 50$) , if you got no money then no problem you can try that free standard account! what differs is that % you get from your referrals! for more info on % from your referrals and info regarding accounts read here!
Thinking how to get atleast some money $ to quick start this to buy referrals, then you should check my posts on pollbuzzer and on probux
so our main part is how to get referrals? as IPUS has been posted on all major forums so you can't try that method, but still you can always try some common methods:
1. If you are from some foreign countries like America, UK etc, you have lot of advantages as every one around your street uses static ip's for LAN, and it is not possible that every one knows about this service! so just make some friends around and make them get signup under you (well this is not a hard method and i guess you know this already)
2. Major internet centres: mainly you can fully concentrate on this where systems run on some 15-19 hours daily and you can get some maximum of idle time! so if you have some touch with Internet centers and cyber cafes, just make it install in main system, (note: make sure they allow you to install , because now many of internet centres uses deep freeze software)
3. schools and college libraries: well you know what i am talking about! just get a talk with the librarian and do the same procedure like the step 2
4. finally investment method like i discussed in coin generation, just buy a azure vps account from any under ground forum or from some rdp stores ( you can get vps/rdp's for 3-5$ for a month), install the same in your vps and run the software! as vps runs for 24 hours and mostly idle, so you will earn maximum!

I think you got some idea what i am talking about? so why i am very much interested in this IPUS is, it released it's software for android too!
actually this is the best way to earn money, because mostly our phones will be in idle, as we are getting busy these days in work and mostly many of us just use our phones for calls and texts, so this software will give you a better option to get maximum earnings with android!
just download the software for your android and install it and log in with your account(note you can use same pc's account for your android phone),
you can use my above IPUS strategy to get maximum referrals even from android users too!
for linux/Mac softwares will be released soon!
In my upcoming posts i will give full details on

  • how to get maximum earnings from vps 
  •  how to get a free vps
  • how to run mining software/bots on vps
exams time! so little busy! will give you lot of updates soon!

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