Friday, December 6, 2013

Pollbuzzer-earn 1$ per poll-just like yes or no questions(proof-updated)

Pollbuzzer is a survey based poll site, which pays 1$ just for choosing right option for the question, just like daily polls, not a big surveys like fileice surveys, Just one simple poll with some options, select the appropriate and 1$ will be added straight to your paypal!

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New payment proof *DEC-12th.2013

you still don't believe me right! here is my payment proof:

Now you believe me right! you can see my name there' actually the questions asked are so simple, just like the common questions, like 
  • do u shave regularly? 
  • how often you visit drug store? etc'

Here is an example of question that i got yesterday:

See the question asked is so simple, you just need to select the option 1 or 2 or something!
But you should finish answering the poll with in the given limit, so you need to check the mail frequently, if you got a smartphone, then it's easy for you because you will get notifications when you get mails, and the best part is you can finish the polls from your smartphones too'

Today i got like 5 questions just like the above questions:

I completed all with in the given limit of time and here is my pollbuzzer dashboard screenshot

Once the questions get expires 1$ will be added to your account, you can check your dashboard, and pollbuzzer pays every monday, so you will get them straight to your paypal with out any fee' yes with out any fee (proof here)
So why late, join now and grab 1$ per poll from pollbuzzer, join now!

Just wait: 

can we ask questions or ask some poll questions? yes you can also ask poll questions and get your answers exactly based on global survey basis! 

Click here to ask poll question:

Note: On filling the application for pollbuzzer, please fill your original details, as the questions or based on your application, you need to be patience as pollbuzzer sends to questions to the qualified ones based on their application, so make sure you selected right options while filling up application! 

got any doubts? kindly mail me :

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