Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A note to readers of bestinallstuff blog

Hi readers of bestinallstuff, I have stopped posting the stuff for many reasons
people are copying my content, and was not giving proper credits, actually they copied every post of mine, including with screenshots, and tried to crush my blog, I used to get lot of traffic and comments from users to post new things, i started to upload the files with out surveys, this made the filthy idiotic bloggers to cash it out, they just copied my hard work, I wrote the strategies my self, and you all readers know this, if you read it, but my hard work went off,
So, i stopped for a while, to take care of things, I changed the layout, I am doing some editing to the previous posts, and designing a new layout, and everything will be new from now on,
I am planning to buy a new domain, and will add DMCA thing soon,
I have lot of methods in making btc, making money etc, and i will be soon come with a surprise, and thanks for the readers who still visits my blog, they are the reason for this note, I hope you guys understand!

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